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After getting so much positive feedback from our "Malt Shop-Sock Hop" musical weekends with music from the S0's, 60's. and 70's, our team thought it was a good idea to change things around a bit. Walking down memory lane with the music you fell in love with, stole that first kiss, strolled the beach, or maybe did a little shagging to is the music that makes us all feel good.

In this age of so much anger, and hatred, won't it be nice to have music that makes us feel good?

We will keep our popular morning and afternoon 'call around news reports'; talk shows, and sports and then tie it all together with classic Oldies - I'll just bet you will hear some of your favorites and smile and say, "I remember that one" Thanks for making WCAB your radio station of choice and now with 100.9 FM you get the best of both worlds.

WCAB Malrt Shop sock Hop!
We are delighted to announce that WCAB Radio has been granted permission to broadcast on FM frequency 100.9

The Federal Communication Commission issued the construction permit Tuesday May 15th, 2018. Jim Bishop, president and general manager of WCAB said from his office today, "This is something we have been working toward for some while. The FCC just recently opened up the windows for AM stations to file for the FM frequencies and we grabbed the opportunity.

The construction permit allows WCAB to continue operating from their 1000 watt AM frequency and gives the station a few months to get the new equipment and get on line at the new 100.9 frequency.

WCAB AM celebrates 52 years of broadcasting service to Rutherford County this October. Bishop said, "It is a welcome addition to the programming that has been so well received over the years and with the new FM frequency we expect to attract the FM listeners adding to the base of loyal listeners:' Bishop said there will be some 'tweaking' to the programming but basically continue to be locally owned and locally operated entertainment and information center for Foothills. WCAB 100.9 FM & 590 AM, The Best of Both Worlds.

WCAB Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to the recipient of the fourth annual WCAB Teacher of the Year Award, Ms Jennifer King.

Rutherford County, North Carolina, weather forecast

Jennifer King - Teacher of the Year
2018 Administrative Professionals REcognition
Jim Bishop and Tracy Houser enjoying lunch with the winners of our 2018 Administrative Professionals Recognition Competition.

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